Discourse Analytics

Create Engagement

Why does a person engage with your brand?

What is it about you or your product, campaign or property that compels them to participate?

We uncover why your customers relate to and engage with you.
Correlation does not equal causation. A person is more than their demographic data, after all. We don’t think a certain way because of who we are; our thoughts and preferences drive us and how we act.

Every transaction with a customer commences a conversation. Engage with your clients based on what compels them to come to you and you will find yourself having the kinds of customer relationships that grow your business and deepen brand loyalty.


Start The Conversation

We help you listen.

Our platform drives engaged conversations when and where your audience wants them to happen.

Discourse Analytics utilizes surveys, content consumption, social media and conversations to communicate with and listen to your audience through the channels where they voice their thoughts.

Using low-volume yet highly predictive interactions, we model, extrapolate and predict the best ways to provoke further engagement with your clients. We build bespoke like-minded customer segments for targeted messaging. What’s more, the individual profiles and “why-based” clusters continue to calibrate over time with each and every interaction to provide a real-time understanding of your messaging impact.




Lou Aronson talking about Discourse Analytics

How We Do It

Better knowledge drives better action.

We listen to what your specific customers are saying and note what they’re doing individually to build profiles that become more powerful and actionable over time. We are the knowledge layer that improves your Social CRM by pulling people to you, not pushing messages to them.

Activate Through Key Preference Drivers

Discourse Analytics brings immediate impact by leveraging and empowering your data and your relationships. We have been modeling audiences since 2011 and you can see it in operation at our sister site, VOTIFI.

We can integrate with existing–CRM, CMS, membership management, etc.—to analyze the information your customers are already providing. The system is API-driven and easy to deploy.

Big data is not the best data. Our proprietary algorithm and analytics platform breaks down your existing customer data according to activating triggers to give you Smart Data. Why are they engaging? What is compelling them to buy? What provokes them to talk about you? The customer segments we provide drive enhanced ROI because they are tied to the optimized channel and trigger for the individual you are seeking to activate.

Case Studies

Customer Service

Discourse Analytics used raw data from the customer service responses of a major wireless carrier to build and track actionable customer clusters around key drivers for churn reduction.


Discourse Analytics deployed our Community Activation Platform to help the Environmental Working Group optimize its email list to increase activism by 6% and boost its fundraising base.

Digital Media

Discourse Analytics modeled the online audience at TheGrio.com and discovered unlikely clusters of interests and preferences.


Discourse Analytics helped the host committee of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte to improve its fundraising and encourage more potential supporters to attend the event

Who We Are


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